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Tyre repairs at Tyres Direct, Liverpool

Brake and tyre repairs

Tyres Direct not only sell car tyres, we also repair them for you. Got a puncture or a tear in your tyre? No problem, visit Tyres Direct in Liverpool for a quick repair, we will have you back on the road in no time.

If you feel there may be a problem with your brakes reduce the risk and call into Tyres Direct. Our friendly team are experienced and on hand to help, we can replace your brakes and get them feeling normal again.

•  Puncture and tear tyre repairs   
•  Brake replacement and repairs
•  Fast service
Wheel repair in progress

Laser tracking

Is your car pulling to one side when driving? Do your car wheels not feel right? The problem could be that your car wheels need aligning. At Tyres Direct, we offer laser tracking.

Laser tracking helps diagnose the problem and the amount of damage before having your wheels realigned. Wheel realignment helps keep your car balanced and safe. How does wheel realignment help?

•  Better handling
•  Less tyre wear
•  Less expensive
•  More environmentally friendly
•  Safer driving
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